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3 Ways To Ensure Postive Culture In Schools and Improve Its Performance

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Academic experts specializing in the troubleshooting of thorny issues in schools with troublesome children hold that tracking the behavior data of students is vital. Referrals go against that grain. In the case of a particular school, cutting down on referrals by 25% quarters did its part. The academic gains were immediate and measurable. The main key however lies in changing the school culture for the better. This automatically leads to better school performance. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Implementation of PBIS or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

The idea behind this is that when the student behavior is proper, learning takes a back seat. The team of experts decided to try out CHAMPS. CHAMPS is a positive and proactive classroom management approach. Here the students are in the plain language taught the nuances of proper behavior. The teachers come up with methods that let them communicate expectations for activities in no uncertain terms. The teachers involved in particularly unruly classes need special training. This training is intended to show them how to nurture a positive environment for learning. In addition, the teachers need to provide with the tools and resources that will aid them in dealing with discipline issues.

2. Analyzing data related to the school culture after proper tracking

It is definitely a great idea to put in place a mechanism that does a good job at tracking behavior data. Kickboard which happens to be a school culture system was used. Behavior data of students were collected and analyzed. This was done side by side of implementation of CHAMPS. The concept was customized to ensure that the teachers do not end up with extra work but instead have an easier alternative to what they were doing. The school culture system was transformed into a web and mobile app. This lets teachers record and reinforce the behavior of students with ease. This, in turn, let the teachers act on the data within an adequate time period. The CHAMPS implementation was thus monitored even more closely. The strategies were adjusted according to the emerging needs. This ensured the success of the endeavor at the various levels.

3. Student motivation

Intrinsic motivation is, of course, the ultimate goal. But the role of its extrinsic counterpart in providing intermediate student support is noteworthy. This extrinsic motivation facilitated the kids learning prosocial habits. The success achieved was especially significant in elementary levels. The students were given $10 for each day they attended school. $1 or $2 were given to them for behaving positively. $5 rewards were set aside for when they did something special that went "above and beyond". The students could spend this princely sum at the school store. Other spending options included school-wide incentives or special classrooms. The expert research team noted that the whole idea was a runaway success. It also conveyed the message that their new behavior choices were leading them to success.

Spark Uniforms is proud to be associated with students across social and economic classes as they try to learn and bring forth a better version of themselves.

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