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5 Ways How School Uniforms Affect Student Discipline

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Educators and literary experts are the fervent supporters of school uniform and preach to make them mandatory in schools and educational institutions. The very word 'school' takes us back to our school days and revives the old memories with friends, teachers, home-works, lessons, and of course, uniforms! In short, uniform happen to be a pivotal part of our school days.

Since the mid-1990s, school uniform-related debates spread like wildfire and until now many speculations for and against uniforms have been done. But considering the explicit values that uniforms instill in a student, the arguments against them simply fall flat.

Effects of school uniforms on students are far-reaching. And needless to say, these affects a lot on student discipline. Some of them are etched out below.

School uniforms encourage good values among students - This might sound a bit naive, but by putting on uniform, students feel a sense of responsibility, pride and professionalism. This improves their behavior with fellow students, teachers and parents. Simply put, uniforms exert a positive influence on students' attitude.

Uniforms reduce distractions - It's normal for young students to fall prey to brand new fashions in their school days. Their mind revolves around the latest fashion trends and how to look cool. This peer pressure results in less and less focus on studies. With one uniform policy, everyone is the same. Neither one gets picked or looked down upon, nor one deviate from studies.

Maximizes learning process - Taking a cue from the last point, with lesser thoughts about what to wear in the morning, students give their undivided attention to studies, escalating the learning process. Also, teachers remain at peace and can focus on their teaching instead of prying on students' attires. This brings a holistic change in the school's atmosphere, and can be cited as an exceptional impact of school uniforms on student achievement.

Uniforms have an immense effect in making a student punctual - Abiding by the mandate of uniform, school students can feel an incipient sense of punctuality growing inside them. With everyone in similar outfits, the key thing that matters is the virtue of neat and cleanliness. It becomes hassle-free for mums to get their kids ready, as well as for young/teenager students.

Uniforms curb absenteeism - Playing truant is something that every student does in their school life. Bunking classes and hanging out with friends are often done by high school and middle school goers, that put them at a disadvantage. With uniform, absenteeism can lessen to an average by half a day each school year.

Scanning through all these school uniform and academic statistics, we can see there are several positive effects school uniforms mete out on students. But a greater need is to get an appropriate uniform manufacturer. Spark Uniforms have been the leading player in the market of school uniforms manufacturing in two big countries, Australia and India. We take care of all the critical elements of uniforms that give a student the ultimate experience of school life.

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