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Different School Uniform Culture in Countries around the Globe

Uniform Brief History

The history of uniform dates back to the 13th century in England. However, it wasn’t until the late 16th century that it was actually implemented into institutions and public services of England and the rest of the world. The moral use of the uniform can be for multiple purposes. For example the public servants like the police and military personals are supposed to wear uniforms. The major object is for everyone to recognize them in a crowd or gathering. The authority of the police man or the military personal dramatically increases due to them wearing the dress code of authority.

Similarly the dress code having a similar color theme and style pattern for everyone linked to an institution are school uniform. There have been countless debates on the fact weather an institution needs uniforms for boy. The most common and probably the oldest of the views still dominate most parts of the world, stating that school uniforms bring in a code of discipline along with the sense of unity. The word itself describes uniformity, something that is very relevant and objective to inculcate into children at a tender age.

History of school uniforms

School Uniform in Different Countries

Great Britain

The origin of school uniform for boys and school uniform for girls started in the land of Great Britain. The culture if very strict with the uniform systems in school and the very first color used was blue. The rules evolved as every school started having their own uniform. The code was strict to such an extent that boys would not be allowed to wear shorts even in summer. The rules have been relaxed ever since the boys went on strike by wearing skirts. Since then the rules for wearing school uniform have been made lenient to an extent of being gender neutral now.


Unlike the western nations China has its own set of rules for school going students. The school uniform in China are in sets. There are different school uniforms for different occasions like holidays, summers and winters. The school uniform for boys and girls are always gender neutral and resemble sports attire.


African countries are some of the poorest countries in the world where student cannot afford to buy uniforms. The government however distributed free uniforms in the years 2010 so that all children could attend school.


In Vietnam girls wear traditional dresses known as “ao dai”. The elementary uniforms are very ordinary however, the “ao dai” which is white in color, is expected to be worn for special occasions while some school prefer them being worn daily as uniforms.


A country that has a very traditional type of school uniform. The girls wear a dress that is known as a “kiro” while the guys wear the traditional dress called the “gho”. Their academy uniforms allows them to carry their books but the urban style of bags and backpacks are replacing this system of late.

South Korea

The educational system is from morning to evening. This means that the students spend most of their time in schools which makes uniform as a part of their daily attire. The dress code is maintained and decided by the authorities but many wear their uniforms outside school as well.


School uniforms were officially cancelled in the nation of Russia in the 90s era. However, there are school that do have the system of uniforms still prevailing. A white top and dark lower is the typical dress code of schools that have uniforms.

North Korea

The school uniform for girls and boys in North Korea are simple dresses, shirt and pants for girls the boys respectively. The remarkable and obligatory red scarfs is compulsory as a symbol of support for the North Korean political party.


Mandatory for almost all school, where boys have to wear buttoned shirts with short sleeves and pants (short or long). The girls wear a knee-long tunic with a pant sometimes. Dark shoes and shocks are important.


“seifuku” or the girls school uniform is famous around the world due to anime cartoon and comics where a sea style blouse and a pleated skirt. The shoes worn have a small heels while the socks are knee long and necessary. The girls apply special glue to prevent the socks from sliding off.


Australia inculcates most of its culture from Great Britain. Including the educational system. The uniforms in schools of Australia are similar to those of student in the UK however, the colors are very light due to the extreme heat of the country. Some school have hats for student to protect from the intensive sunlight.

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