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Investments in Private Education Highest In Australia than Anywhere Else In the World

Education has gone a long way since the time of great philosophers and writers. Traditionally it has evolved into an essential way of life for all young individuals irrespective of their nationality. Globalization has caused the educational system to expand causing students to reach even the private schools Australia.

Australia is the highest contributor when it comes to spending money in private education. In the past decade the numbers have increased dramatically with a total of 6% of the GDP. The spending in the public education system decreased as the students prefer the private institutions over the Public. The year 2015 the average spending of the Australians reached 19% of the overall spending. The People are spending more on the private institutions than the public ones causing the GDP to decrease by 10% in the years 2010 to 2015.

The OECD reports have revealed the decreasing amount in the spending over public institutions of education below the 11% mark. An alarming fact for the Australian Education Union the cost burden was shifting from the government sector in the field of education. The private school funding Australia are a mixture of the “parental fee” the students contribution for the common wealth games and the donation for the institution. The student subsidiary and the tuition fee are some of the major funding the private universities gain from the students.

How much funding do private schools receive? One may ask.

To understand this shifting of the funds from the public educational sector against the private educational sector, we must check the statistical records of the facts. In the years 2012- 2016 the funding for the private sector increased by 6% while the public sector just by a 2.5%. The common wealth funding for the private schools per student was $614 per student while for the public schools it was just $299. In the years to come the rise in the private educational sector increased while the ones for the public institutions decreased. This steady rise in the investment of the private sector and neglecting of the public sector created a huge drawback in the administrative department of both sectors. The public school have been deprived of the resources hence there is not much that they can do to make up for the huge gap.

The limited resources and the manpower makes the public school teacher and faculty do more work that the teacher of the private school where the teachers are surplus and assigned specific tasks. This created a gap in the educational system in the students that attend the private school in comparison to the students attending the public schools. The greatest issues that arise are the fundamental Australian educational policies that allows every individual to have the equality when it comes to receiving the same kind of education, in public or private school. Irrespective of the fact they belong to the rich or the mediocre status of society. The government up for this election session is going to be challenged to increase the funding for the schools in Australia.

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