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Lessons For Finland From The Australian School System

The performance of Finnish schools is paid little attention by guardians and students. The importance is more on the wholesome interests of the child. This is a major difference in attitude between the Australian and Finnish public.

The endearing thing about Australia is the more humane treatment of refugee students. This is not to say that Finland is not good enough, simply not as good as Australia.

Australia and Canada lead the world in looking after the interests of migrant students. They not only ensure their well being but also instill a sense of belonging. Finland is being adopted as their home by migrants. So, of course, there is a lot the Finnish authorities can learn from Australia. We let aside thorny political issues in this context.

Some researchers from Finland and Australia explored this theme. The main discovery from the study was that some of the most endeared moments of the children actually took place out of school. The researchers had anticipated this. It was thus of little surprise that learning journey was not confined to the school. Memorable learning moments took place all over the place. The list includes sometimes unusual places like detention camps, the wild, religious centers. Reception centers and homes are other common places where such events took place. The children were mostly not happy with the first stage of their migration journey. This is understandable considering they take place in dangerous seas with people dying. Not to mention the environment of fear and abuse. But all the educational journeys recorded got better with time.

So, what is really happening in the Australian system? It is the unstressed application of the Finnish educational principle of love. One school stood out. Not because of the evaluated performance of the school but with the love the school bestowed on the kids. The former was hardly surprising as most of the students had English as an additional language. The authorities made no attempt to artificially achieve better results. In its place the school placed its faith in the virtues of care, belonging and safety. The teachers cared for their pupils as whole individuals. Love in its various manifestations is what these kids need as one teacher professed.

The teacher found novel ways to express their love to these kids. One did so by letting go of a spray of magic mist when the kids got restless. It is insignificant and subtle yet bears immediate results. Then there was this teacher who learned how to keep a Sikh boys hair organized properly in order to attend a school camp. A third organized support for a child who lost a dear cat. These incidents don’t take place within the framework of the curriculum but within that of humanity. It should be noted that this love never came at the cost of academic growth of the pupil.

The entire experience of the child may be summed up by a single statement by a student:

"In this school, they don’t actually hit, they actually help, so that’s what I wanted. "

Spark Uniforms is proud to spread love, happiness, and well-being of students in Australian schools. Its quality school clothing ensures comfort and functionality. It is a component of the success of an Australian student.

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