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Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right School Uniform

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Uniforms are an integral part of schools or academia. School uniforms happen to be one of the most significant elements of a student's life and should be chosen wisely. With every passing class, a student needs a pair of uniforms until the next session. Every parent wants to give their kids a great start to their academic phases. And this start happens with uniforms. Besides giving a student an identity, uniforms also set the image of the school he/she studies in and can tell a lot about the values the school possesses.

There are multiple choices when it comes to school uniforms. Some schools prefer dresses and pinafores for girls, while some prefer skirts and skorts. For boys, uniforms vary from pants and shirts with a blazer, or polo shirts with formal trousers. Some schools take a gender-neutral approach with track bottoms and shirts. Whatever it be, proper uniforms make a kid confident and fit at school and help in focusing on the lessons. Hence, choosing the right school uniform is the pivotal responsibility of every parent.

So if you are new to the uniform game, this blog is just what you need. And if not, even then this handy guide would definitely help you to make some wise choices the next time you go to buy a pair of uniforms for your ward.

1. Comfort - The first and foremost quality is the comfort quotient. The clothing material must not cause discomfort for the student. Because, he/she has to sit through all the classes in that outfit. A constant discomfort will distract the kid and would cause further agony. Soft cotton is the ideal pick.

2. Durability - Second most paramount factor. This also checks your pocket, because if the pair lasts long then it implies no second purchase that year at least. Moreover, uniforms take a beat throughout the day. Kids will play, run, sprint and jump around, bend to and fro. So the material must be hardy enough to endure all these knocks. You may choose polyester/cotton fabric blends.

3. The Fabric - Always pick a fabric that has some special finish, this makes your life a little easy. For eg: stain repellent, easy-care, ink protection, crease-resistant, permanent pleat - all of these are vital. These thumb rules are for all the seasons.

4. Socks and underwears - You must stock up at least 5-6 pairs of undergarments and socks for your child. Boxer/briefs for your son or training bra/camisole for your daughter. This helps in a smooth morning and prevent the last minute laundry hassle.

5. Preferences of the wearer - Of course! You have to give an utmost freedom to your kids in this regard. Already students are preoccupied with the notion that uniforms aren't cool, and should be shunned. So the buying process has to be meticulous. Whether the uniforms are cut and shaped keeping up with the modern look. Are they too archaic? Is the fitting too loose? Check these while making your pick.

6. Pricing - A penny saved is a penny earned. Don’t be extravagant while buying uniforms. It is not about a high price per se, but the quality and durability of the product. Brands come and go, so there’s no need to spend a hefty amount over a pair of uniforms that are supposed to be worn only until school.

Apart from the above mentioned guidelines, one more thing must always be remembered. Getting the right manufacturer. Spark Uniforms is a wholesale school uniforms supplier in Australia and India. Several renowned schools and retailers are the proud partners of Spark Uniforms. Different types of school uniforms varying in ranges and color are offered by Spark Uniforms that give the best comfort and an amazing school life to students.

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