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Why should Students wear School Uniforms?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Whether or not students must wear school uniforms, or uniforms must be made mandatory, have raised the eyebrows of many since long. This sensitive issue is a preferred topic for debate in the 21st century. A plethora of debates have already been done and the issue is still at the forefront of subjective analysis. Some say uniforms negate freedom of expression and suppress creativity. But the pro-uniforms opine that uniforms are the only way to bring harmony at schools and bring a discipline throughout.

Are school uniforms necessary? Or are they mere show of academic domination? Well, that’s the question for a hot debate. But, standing in today’s edge where price tags and brands determine one’s status, one can swear and say uniforms are the best means of bringing positivity in a student.

Educational theorists and experts have made constant efforts in this regard, and why? There must be some rational grounds. Let’s reflect on some of the reasons and the advantages of wearing school uniforms. They are diverse and of course, logical to the core.

1. The sense of Uniformity

As the name suggests, uniforms instill a sense of ‘uniformity’ in a student’s mind from the very first day he/she steps into the classroom. When everyone is same, there’s no negative feeling of being an outcast or getting distracted by fashionable attires.

2. Economic relief

Absolutely! Maintaining a wardrobe of trendy apparels for a kid is daunting, especially for a family with a nominal earning. Uniforms give economic relief to parents and they find this quite feasible to save quite a few bills and in turn save it for their wards.

3. Easier mornings for mums and dads

When parents know what exactly their kids have to wear for their school, it becomes easier to get their kids ready, ensure they have proper breakfast and don’t miss a class book. Not to mention the punctuality factor. Hassle-free mornings mean kids are ready for the school bus on time!

4. Students’ safety is guaranteed

Today we get to see a scurry of violent events in schools over petty issues like a branded jacket or expensive shoes. These are the reasons why students should wear uniform in the school premise. With uniforms on, there would be no peer pressure of owning branded clothing, and naturally incidents of theft and violence would lessen.

5. A sense of School Spirit

Every school has its logo or monogram imprinted on the uniforms, this makes students feel they are a part of the school and the school spirit gets instilled. Whether they are off for an excursion or to an inter-school program, uniforms are the only thing that keeps them close and united.

6. A balanced playground

A child’s life journey starts with their play-field. Watching other kids in fancy bejeweled dresses evokes a perception of shame and chagrin that builds a permanent root in the child’s mind. With a one-size-fits-all school uniform, there would be less opportunity for a kid to be picked and shunned on the basis of his/her outfit.

7. Uniforms stop the ‘Gang/Group’ culture

These days mushrooming gangs, groups and cults are targeting the classrooms even. Kids, adolescents and teenagers are prone to be influenced by these that ruin their life. With uniforms on, there would be less gang or group thing associated with weird insignia on shirts, or slogans in vulgar languages, or specific gang color.

All said and done, amidst all the debates and arguments on why is it important to wear school uniform for students, the onus is on us as to how we would take a neutral standpoint and think what should be right for our future generation. For a holistic growth and success of a student, uniforms are imperative. Not only they are vital to foster equality and unity, but also uniforms tend to curb many social evils.

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